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We provide Spare Part in Palm Oil Mill (POM), Palm Kernel Crushing Pump (PKCP) and Various Strategic Industries, Products we serve such as:

  • Welding Solution : METALIUM, XEROD, ROSTOV, MAGNUM
  • Lubricants : TITANLUBE, MAGNUS
  • Chemical Products Engine Syntetic Nylon Oil Bushing : ROBUS
  • Magnetic Plate : DYNO
  • Pumps : ROTO PUMPS
  • Sieving Vibro Separator : GALAXY SIVTEK
  • Etc

Other Businesses We Serve include : Crumb Rubber factory, Cement Plant, Coal Mine, Pulp and Paper Rayon Industry, Contractors, various other Industries.

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Galaxy Sivtek

Roto Pumps

TEC Chain

AMC Chain

UK Chain

Kaido Chain



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