About Us

PT.Traglopindo Utama is a Solid Integrated Marketing company with supporting by Technical Team that already Proven in the years 1993 till now in Indonesia market.


With Strong Eager from Core Management and Team that always want to give the Best Service Solution to Our Value Customers and Back Up By Our Trusted Principal and of course in line with Our Company Motto : “ Served You By Sincere Heart – We Served You by Good Evidence , Not Promise “.


Based on our company Philosophy that want to Delivered Long Term Business Service, Hard Work and Keep Our Trust, We slowly but sure Build Our Trusty, Connecting & Relationship among our Customer & Principal in Indonesia market.


Our “Main Core Business” was Supply Maintenance Welding Products to Various Industries especially: Palm Oil Mill (POM), Palm Oil Refinery(POR), Palm Kernel Crushing Plant(PKC Plant), Palm Oil Refinery Plant(POR Plant), Crumb Rubber Factory(CRF Factory), Crumb Latex Factory(CL Factory) in Indoneisia. Others Business We Serve included: Cement Plant, Coal Mines, Pulp&Paper Industry, Contractors,Chemical Plant, Plastic Industry, Food Industry, Power Plant, Cars and Motorcycle Industry Makers, Various Industry, ETC.

Focus Business

Providing Extra Adding Value Products to the market for giving free technical advisor and knowledge to the market we don’t need any common products that we can not help but becoming a burden to the industry. We Believed Indonesia need to served by Better and Best Products as well. Because in return it will creates Indonesia Competitiveness Advantage Edge in this Global Competitive Era when Country Border is becoming Lesser by technology. We Committed to educate market by giving Free Technical Advisor and Technical Knowledge as part of our company policy and company core competence to delivered service to our beloved country Indonesia. Because We believed Strong Indonesia will give Strong Welfare to all the citizen for better life and Fairness.Thus it will be good for everybody who lived here in Indonesia for sure.


Our Office

In term to give the best solution of service and quick after sales service response, which below are our office and aliance that already fixed up, such as:

Head Quater Office & Central Warehouse

Jl. Sabaruddin No. 8 Simpang Bakaran Batu, Kelurahan Sei Renggas Permata (20214) Medan - Sumatera Utara
+62 61 7321 388 / +62 82 362 704 203

Reprensentative Office

Jl. Karya Utama No. 1D, Kelurahan Tampan (28292) Pekan Baru - Riau
+62 82 362 704 208

Warehouse & Branch Office

Jl. Jeruk I No. 05, RT 46/RW 09, Kelurahan Mentawa Baru Hilir (74323) Kota Waringin Timur Sampit - KALTENG
+62 81 361 616 161